Why the Mindful Chef is The Best recipe meal Box for your Whole Health

Why I chose Mindful Chef for my own family

I have been an affiliate of Mindful Chef since the early days but because my children were young at the time and being a solo parent house it wasn't worth me subscribing because I knew I would end up making 2 different meals due to the recipes being a little adventurous for the kids. Now that the kids are 16 and 12 they are a lot more adventurous and the subscription will be something that will benefit me in so many ways. 

  • Time-it will free up a lot of time for me being a busy solo parent and running 2 businesses.
  • Money -I feel the price for the quality of the food will work out better financially 
  • Health- Whole health will benefit because I want to make sure that we are all eating nutrient-dense foods especially as my son has a chronic health condition.

Choosing Mindful Chef gives me a recipe box bursting with fresh, seasonal produce and nutritionally balanced recipes.

Great meals start with the best ingredients. Mindful Chef sources food from trusted farms, choosing producers who stay true to mindful, sustainable values.


I have a box every week or every once in a while, it’s always up to me.  Pre-measured ingredients mean less chopping (and less shopping!), a win-win situation for a busy sole-parent household.

They even have chef-prepared ready meals with the same healthy recipes and ready in just 8 minutes.


We cook foods we love - from bubbling fish pies for the family to a spicy Bibimbap or a Sri Lankan curry.   

With 20 recipes to choose from each week, there are no recipe ruts here.  Discover flavours from all over the world - with a Mindful Chef healthy twist.

Mindful Chef commitment to the planet

As a business, they strive to take achievable and meaningful action to reduce their impact on the world around us. They know they are not perfect, or that they can tackle the climate crisis on their own, so they work with their suppliers, their team, and their community to reduce the climate footprint across the entire supply chain. 

They will always be transparent in what they do and challenge themselves to do and be better.

No refined carbs

No energy slumps or cheap fillers - we've swapped out refined carbs for wholegrains, legumes and pulses.

No gluten ingredients

Every recipe and product in our range contains no gluten so everyone can enjoy Mindful Chef meals.

The best proteins

Free-range chicken, grass-fed native breed beef and MSC sustainably caught fish - all in generous portion sizes.

I'm Gemma Sanda

I am a solo mum turned entrepreneur and I help people with their journey to whole health

"I am dedicated to helping people lead a vibrant life, regardless of their starting point. During my twenties and thirties, I experienced economic and financial abuse, which limited my opportunities. Although my health was a priority, the conventional healthcare system was unable to provide me with the support I needed to fully recover and grow. As a result, I explored alternative modalities and gained valuable knowledge that I now use to help others.

Through my organization, Glolife, I curate various events, workshops, and retreats throughout the year, many of which are connected to my favourite charities, SEA and TDAS."

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